We believe in the value of data

Collect operational and usage information to improve business process engineering, maintenance, production, and product planning with predictive algorithms. Hardwire.io is a full Internet of Things ecosystem that helps manufacturers implement IoT solutions within their own machines or industrial plants
Hardwire Trigger Data Logger IoT
Predictive Maintenance

Reduce maintenance costs

Try to imagine receiving a notification that informs you about the imminent breakage of a machine or a possible stop of the plant. Try to imagine to know the wear condition of the components of your machine. All this is possible by implementing a predictive analysis of machine learning. It translates into economic savings due to reduced machine stops and a more efficient and accurate management of ordinary maintenance.

Real-time measurements
Consumption analysis

Lower energy consumption

Collecting detailed information on energy consumption allows you to identify strategies to reduce the energy component of the total cost of ownership of a plant. An historical data base of the energy consumption of all plant components allows you to create simulations designed to estimate costs in case of different scenarios and tariffs.

Hardwire IoT Platform
Usage analysis

Improve product planning

Each machine is designed to meet customer and market needs and is designed with technical specifications. Sometimes the information useful to define technical specifications of a machine is not detailed or sufficiently precise to know how machine will really be used. This translates into wrong technical specifications, with direct consequences on the cost of the product.

Hardwire machine learning
Remote Assistance

Optimize technical support

A company is often chosen for the quality of its technical support. A remote control of the machine allows you to take care of a malfunction or avoid a lookout faster and to reduce the machine downtime. With predictive maintenance, you will be able to contact the customer in advance by saying that your machine has anomalies and requires maintenance.