Industrial automation

Hardwire can be seen as a Remote Monitoring 2.0. With the IoT paradigms, policies for estimation and prediction of anomalies and malfunctions can be implemented, as well as having a clear view of what is the current condition of the system.

Energy Production

No matter of photovoltaic, wind or biomass installations, the predictive logic in this case can identify abnormal situations such as panel breakage and wrong plant performance, once compared with the expected energy production.


In addition to a real-time remote control of the plant, the thermal management of a building is very important both to plan and optimize the ordinary maintenance of the machines, and to analyze the plant under the energy profile.

Electric machines

Real-time monitoring allows you to monitor the operating status and wear condition of the machines. By means of predictive logic, it is possible to implement policies to predict abnormal operating conditions that are out of specification, as well as implement remote control and energy saving policies.

Electrical Components

No matter if we're talking about a weighing system, a compressor or just an electric motor. Even those that are considered subcomponents of a plant can be used in conjuction with Hardwire as part of the plant itself or as standalone components, enjoying the same benefits.

Building Automation

Hardwire enables a global monitoring system of a building, both from the thermal and energy point of view, as well as a apply remote control actions. Crossing the building's data with atmospheric metrics helps to create logics to save and improve energy efficiency.