The Cloud Hardwire Platform

An essential supporting tool for monitoring and controlling intelligent objects thanks to a rich set of functionalities.
IoT platform to connect objects


Connect any object to the platform to reach it from anywhere, at any time.

Tools for IoT data analysis


Analyze real-time or historical data with analytics tools and APIs.

Remote control IoT objects


Oversee and send commands and actions to your objects at any time with a simple click.

Data Storicalization IoT

Big data

Save and accumulate historical data collected from the field, always searchable and available.

Data Storicalization IoT


Let the platform monitor your objects in real-time and notify you in case of anomalies.

Data Storicalization IoT


It is possible to implement predictive algorithms on anomalies and failures through real-time monitoring.

Historical data and push in real time

You can always consult the historical data sent by your smart objects from your smartphone, tablet or PC at any time from, without limitation. Real-time data consultation, made using push technology, lets you know the current situation as if you were next to the data logger.

Real-time measurements

Remote control

Send commands to execute remote actions anytime from anywhere. If the data logger is temporarily unavailable, the platform will store the command and send it as soon as the connection is re-established.

Remote control in real-time

Alarms and notifications

The Hardwire platform works for you 24 hours a day: it automatically configures event tracking to ensure you are notified in real time about what's happening. There are several types of events that you can configure to have full control and you can even be notified without having to connect to the platform.

Monitoring IoT events

Analytics and Integration

You have the opportunity to quickly consult and analyze the collected data thanks to a full set of reports. APIs and web services allow you to integrate the platform with the most common business intelligence systems and implement highly complex predictive algorithms and logic.

History of data collected


The flexibility of the Hardwire platform allows you to create dashboards, algorithms, and customizations tailored to your needs around keeping track of sensor status and history.

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