Hardwire IoT Platform
Software / Cloud

Hardwire Cloud

The Big Data Cloud Platform. It is the heart of the system, collects and manages data, sends commands and configuration to field data loggers, and provides interfaces and clients for information retrieval and remote control, both for users and third party systems IoT products.

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Hardwire machine learning
Software / Machine Learning

Hardwire Learning

Last but not least, the Machine Learning is a valuable component within the IoT Hardwire.io ecosystem. This product consists of a set of tools that allow access to both historical and real-time data and to develop, test and run Machine Learning algorithms in R and Python languages on Cloud Infrastructure..

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Real-time measurements

Hardwire OS

The embedded Hardwire.io IoT operating system manages data acquisition and logging, transfers information to the platform and manages the channel to receive and performs remote commands from the Cloud. It is compatible with the Hardwire Trigger data logger, with all Espressif chips and with most ARM CPUs and Linux..

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Hardwire Trigger Data Logger IoT

Data logger and Sensors

Our product offering includes a wide range of proprietary and third-party compatible hardware products. Products that can be used for prototyping and devices that can be used in a production environment after information to be collected is clearly identified.

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